Sky’s the limit, 1.0

This exclusive animated artwork, featuring Ax-1 Space Mission Specialist Mark Pathy’s personal mission patch, bears the motto “Sky’s the Limit", a message that seeks to inspire all to reach for their dreams far beyond what may be immediately visible or in the realm of possibility. Sky's the limit, 1.0 will be one of the first-ever NFTs minted from space during the historic Ax-1 mission, the first-ever fully private Astronaut mission to the ISS. Mission Specialist Pathy's motto also seeks to reflect on this historic time in human spaceflight and support the vision of humanity's expansion beyond Earth, as well as commemorate the pioneering spirit of Astronauts throughout history, at a moment when we are entering a new era of space exploration made possible by private missions. The artwork was created by Montreal artist Marius Jivoin with music by Earwigisbent.

1 of 1 Mark Pathy official physical mission patch
Buyer receives physical signed Mark Pathy Personal Mission Patch. Mark Pathy will ship you a personal mission patch signed by him, that is identical to his official personal patch worn on space suit.
1 of 1 photograph of Mark Pathy wearing the mission patch
Buyer receives signed photograph of Mark Pathy wearing the personal mission patch. Mark Pathy will ship you a signed photograph of himself wearing his space suit showing the official personal patch.

Astronaut Dinner for Holder
Axiom Space hosts astronaut dinners around the world to share the experience of human spaceflight with honored guests in an intimate setting.

VIP Ticket to Ax-2 Launch
Axiom rocket launches occur at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. VIPs on launch day will join Axiom Space honored guests for a memorable launch day experience including a close outdoor view of the Ax-2 rocket launch!

VIP Ticket to Ax-2 Party
All Axiom missions include an experiential space centric celebration with honored guests invited to toast the mission and meet Axiom Space executives and friends of the Ax-2 crewmembers.

Voting on future mission patch design
Historically all mission patches are designed by the astronaut crew themselves. You will have the rare opportunity to partake in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Early access to future drops
Axiom web3 community insiders will be in the know and receive all details on future drops in advance with early access to purchase.

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