• NFTs

    Axiom Space’s first NFT series exemplifies art inspired by human space flight. Several of Axiom Space’s premium releases will be reimagined moments created in space.

  • Utility

    Becoming a holder of Axiom Space’s NFTs grants exclusive access to crafted experiences around our space missions and perks to be in the know of upcoming events and releases.

  • Community

    The mission is to create a space for Web and space enthusiasts to engage and share exciting information around space exploration while staying up to date on Axiom Space’s involvement as the first commercial space flight station.

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  • Join the Community

    Axiom's vision of a thriving home in space is about facilitating breakthroughs and perspectives that benefit every human, everywhere – and we provide universal access to Low Earth Orbit so that innovators, governments, and individuals can do the same. Axiom’s web3 space community will directly impact the future of space exploration allowing participants to engage with each other and in humanity’s greatest endeavor -- taking life as we know it beyond our planet.

  • Participate in the Mission

    Investing in Axiom Space’s Web3 art is more than gathering a collectible item. As space exploration enters a new chapter with the first private mission to the ISS, space enthusiasts globally will have the opportunity to be part of missions in a way never before available. Axiom Space opens a new era in human space flight, and the moment will now live on through the power of digital art as Axiom Space will create first-of-a-kind, historic NFTs.

Release Timeline





Axiom Space Patch

Axiom Space Patch releases in celebration of the launch of Ax-1, our first commercial space flight mission.

Ax-1 Mission Patch

Featuring two tiers, Commander and Specialist patches.

Minting from Space

Ax-1 Commander will initiate a historic moment of the first mint initiation from space.


In commemoration of the completion of Ax-1 mission, additional premium NFTs released.


SPACEWALKER is a 1/1 NFT, created by artist Michael Kagan and adapted for augmented reality to commemorate Axiom’s Ax-1 mission to ISS.

Stay tuned for auction details

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What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are essentially cryptographically-secured units of data which confirm the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset. This data is secured on a blockchain and added to its distributed ledger, which, unlike centralised systems have to verified by multiple sources. This reduces the chances for corruption, counterfeiting and cyber-attacks.

What do I get if I buy an Axiom NFT?

Each NFT has different packages (or utility) associated with them which might give some you of the following; the ability to vote on certain topics or tickets to go to an event. For each purchase made, you will gain a unique token (digital asset) that you will be able to hold, transfer or sell on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea.

Which wallet will my NFT be on?

When you checkout with an NFT, you’ll receive a confirmation email. When you follow the URL in the confirmation email, you’ll be taken to the wallet viewer where you will claim your NFT using any Blocto wallet (portto.com). You can easily set one up if you don’t have one already.

What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?

Depending which NFTs you purchase, they will either be on Polygon (MATIC) or Ethereum (ETH).

On which marketplace can I trade my NFT?

You can transfer your NFT to any wallet that is supported by the major marketplaces that supports Polygon (such as OpenSea).

What does 'Open Edition' mean?

An open edition is an NFT for which any number of editions can be purchased. These generally have an expiry date, when you will no longer be able to purchase the NFT. This contrasts with a limited edition NFT, one that is limited to a predefined number of editions.

Can I transfer my NFT to my MetaMask or CoinBase wallet?

Yes, you can transfer your NFT to any supported Polygon wallet. To transfer your NFT to your MetaMask or CoinBase wallet, please first look at the documentation on their respective sites to add Polygon Blockchain. Please also be aware that when you transfer your NFT to either wallet you might not see the NFT image correctly.