Witness the fusion of art and technology in zero gravity.

In a groundbreaking collaboration between Axiom Space, Transient Labs, and Nifty Gateway, the Space Grails collection emerges as a mesmerizing testament to the intersection of space and art. This cosmic endeavor features both digital and physical creations from 8 world-renowned web3 artists, each bringing their unique flair and passion for the unknown to the forefront of the art world. Participating artists will send a unique physical piece into space aboard Axiom Space’s Ax-3 mission, while simultaneously working with Transient Labs to craft exclusive digital works, set to be sold on the Nifty Gateway platform, allowing enthusiasts to own a piece of this cosmic odyssey.

  • Erick aka Snowfro

    Erick, aka Snowfro, is an NFT artist & the founder of Artblocks.io. He is best known as the creator of the iconic “Chromie Squiggle” generative art collection.

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  • Dr. Sian Proctor

    Dr. Proctor is an Afrofuturism Space Artist and an Astronaut. She is the 1st woman commercial spaceship pilot. She is also the Chief Inspiration Astronaut.

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  • Dave Krugman

    Dave is known for his original photography and critically acclaimed NFT collections, including Drive, Drip Drop, & ROLLS. Dave founded ALLSHIPS.CO.

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  • Amber Vittoria

    Amber has several sold-out collections, is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient, Society of Illustrators Gold Medalist, American Illustration Chosen Winner, & ADC Winner.

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  • Jack Kaido

    Jack is a digital abstract painter whose art explores the abstract image through digitally-native works. Christie’s selected Kaido to feature in a NY exhibition & auction.

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    MUMBOT is an artist, storyteller, world-builder, toy designer & founder of MUMBOT WORLD brand & international community GHOST CLUB.

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  • Jordan Lyall

    Jordan Lyall is a veteran builder in web2 & web3. Prior to founding Prohibition, Jordan served as CPO and Co-Founder of Nifty's Inc, an IP-driven NFT platform.

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  • Richard Zheng

    Despite being only 16 years old, Richard Zheng has established a reputation for himself in the photography and social media industry, working with several Fortune 500 brands.

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  • heart+craft

    Erick Snowfro & Jordan Lyall

  • Xnaut Space Seeker

    Dr. Sian Proctor

  • Two seconds, then totality

    Dave Krugman

  • Everything You Know and Care About

    Amber Vittoria

  • Past Memories, 2015

    Jack Kaido



  • Infinity

    Richard Zheng

Making Space for the A in STEAM

The Axiom Space3 program is designed to foster collaboration between artists and the commercial space industry. We seek to provide artists and students opportunities to experience space travel and create artwork inspired by space. Partnerships with world-renowned artists ultimately inspire the next generation of creators to learn, create, and engage to build the future they dream of.

Four Pillars of Axiom Space3

  • Art

    Axiom Space3’s NFT series exemplifies art inspired by human space flight. Several of Axiom Space3’s premium releases have and will continue to reimagine moments created in space. 

  • Utility

    Becoming a holder of Axiom Space3’s NFTs grants exclusive access to crafted experiences around our space missions, exclusive apparel, and unique opportunities to connect with the best and brightest in space exploration.   

  • Community

    Members of Axiom Space3 get an inside look into the developments of our space programs and an opportunity to share their feedback
    & insights on future missions. 

  • Sustainability

    Building a sustainable community driven by the love of space, science, art, and NOT speculation.

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Past Collections

  • 'ax 2' by ThankYouX

    ax 2’ is a commemorative NFT in collaboration with Axiom Space to celebrate sending ThankYouX's painting “Urge For Perfection” to space on the Ax-2.

  • “Imagine” by Nadieh Bremer

    An Art Blocks Engine collection by Nadieh Bremer that speaks to the limitless potential of human exploration and the infinite possibilities that await us.

  • AX-2 Mission Patch

    The AX-2 Mission Patch celebrates the historic AX-2 mission which features a four-person, multinational crew who will conduct extensive research & engage with global audiences.

  • Axiom Space3 Boarding Pass

    Boarding Pass holders unlock access to space focused events and digital collectibles that help tell the story of the commercial spaceflight revolution. Art created by Amber Vittoria.

  • Overview; Further Beyond 1.1

    This visually stunning, historic photographic image of Earth's horizon, intersected by a solar array wing, was taken by Commander Michael López-Alegría (Ax-1), and captures the awe-inspiring perspective of an Astronaut while on board the ISS. Sold out.

  • Spacewalker

    A unique NFT sculpture, created by artist Michael Kagan and turned into augmented reality by Anima. The first official NFT minted from space, the sculpture is an interactive monument celebrating Axiom’s Ax-1 mission. Sold out.

  • Sky’s the limit, 1.0

    This exclusive animated artwork, featuring Ax-1 Space Mission Specialist Mark Pathy’s personal mission patch, bears the motto “Sky’s the Limit", a message that seeks to inspire all to reach for their dreams far beyond what may be immediately visible or in the realm of possibility. Sold out.

  • Wish Upon A Star

    Under the Ax-1 historic mission to space, is the educational and revolutionary RAKIA mission. The founder of RAKIA - mission Specialist Eytan Stibbe, impact investor and philanthropist from Israel, is joining Axiom's epic NFT mint from space. Sold out.


What is a digital collectible?

Digital collectibles come in the form of non-fungible tokens which are essentially cryptographically-secured units of data which confirm the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset. This data is secured on a blockchain and added to its distributed ledger, which, unlike centralised systems have to verified by multiple sources. This reduces the chances for corruption, counterfeiting and cyber-attacks.  

What do I get if I buy an Axiom Space3 collectible?

Each collectible has different packages (or utility) associated with them which might give some you of the following; the ability to vote on certain topics or tickets to go to an event. For each purchase made, you will gain a unique token (digital asset) that you will be able to hold, transfer or sell on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea.

Which wallet will my collectible be on?

When you checkout with an collectible, you’ll receive a confirmation email. When you follow the URL in the confirmation email, you’ll be taken to the wallet viewer where you will claim your NFT using any Blocto wallet (portto.com). You can easily set one up if you don’t have one already.

What blockchain are these collectibles minted on?

Depending on the digital collectible you purchase, they will either be on Polygon (MATIC) or Ethereum (ETH).

On which marketplace can I trade my digital collectible?

You can transfer your digital collectible to any wallet that is supported by the major marketplaces that supports Polygon (such as OpenSea).

What does 'Open Edition' mean?

An open edition is an digital collectible for which any number of editions can be purchased. These generally have an expiry date, when you will no longer be able to purchase the collectible. This contrasts with a limited edition collectible, one that is limited to a predefined number of editions.

Can I transfer my digital collectible to my MetaMask or CoinBase wallet?

Yes, you can transfer your collectible to any supported Polygon wallet. To transfer your collectible to your MetaMask or CoinBase wallet, please first look at the documentation on their respective sites to add Polygon Blockchain. Please also be aware that when you transfer your collectible to either wallet you might not see the collectible image correctly.