Axiom Space3 Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass holders unlock access to space focused events and digital collectibles which will help tell the story of the commercial spaceflight revolution.

Benefits include,

  • Access to digital collectibles
  • Access to Mission Control, an exclusively gated Axiom Space3 community on Discord
  • Future invites to premium space-tech events 
  • Access to collaboration partner collections 
  • Direct forum to connect with Axiom Space team members 

* Mint closed on 3/7/23

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Meet the Artist


Amber Vittoria is an artist, poet, and author working in Los Angeles, California. Through abstracted form, ribbons of color and joyous words, her work aims to represent the nuances of womanhood. Her new book of paintings and poems, published with with Andrews McMeel, is available here.

How it Works

  • 1. Grab a Pass

    Claim your Axiom Space3 Boarding Pass to embark on your intergalactic journey.

  • 2. Join Mission Control

    After redeeming your token, you’ll be able to unlock access to Axiom Space3’s Mission Control Discord for access to private space conversations, exclusive AMAs, and digital collectibles.

  • 3. Engage With Us

    Follow us on Twitter and get the latest updates about Axiom Space missions and programs.


Our Mission  

To give every passionate space explorer unique access to experts and decision-makers building the commercial space industry. Axiom Space3 token holders will be invited to join Mission Control, Axiom Space3’s Discord community.  Mission Control will host space-focused conversations, AMAs with astronauts and industry experts, and provide access to exclusive mission-related digital collectibles.

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Four Pillars of Axiom Space3


Members of Axiom Space3 become part of a like-minded community of space explorers. Each person more passionate then the next about the unknown world.


Axiom Space3’s collectible series exemplifies art inspired by human spaceflight. Several of Axiom Space3’s premium releases have and will continue to reimagine moments created in space. 


Tokens grant exclusive access to crafted experiences around our space missions, exclusive apparel, and unique opportunities to connect with the industry’s best.


Members get an inside look into the developments of our space program through exclusive AMA’s with Axiom Space astronauts, engineers, and decision makers.


What is a digital collectible?

Digital collectibles come in the form of non-fungible tokens which are essentially cryptographically-secured units of data which confirm the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset. This data is secured on a blockchain and added to its distributed ledger, which, unlike centralised systems have to verified by multiple sources. This reduces the chances for corruption, counterfeiting and cyber-attacks.  

What do I get if I buy an Axiom Space3 collectible?

Each collectible has different packages (or utility) associated with them which might give some you of the following; the ability to vote on certain topics or tickets to go to an event. For each purchase made, you will gain a unique token (digital asset) that you will be able to hold, transfer or sell on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea.

Which wallet will my collectible be on?

When you checkout with an collectible, you’ll receive a confirmation email. When you follow the URL in the confirmation email, you’ll be taken to the wallet viewer where you will claim your NFT using any Blocto wallet ( You can easily set one up if you don’t have one already.

What blockchain are these collectibles minted on?

Depending on the digital collectible you purchase, they will either be on Polygon (MATIC) or Ethereum (ETH).

On which marketplace can I trade my digital collectible?

You can transfer your digital collectible to any wallet that is supported by the major marketplaces that supports Polygon (such as OpenSea).

What does 'Open Edition' mean?

An open edition is an digital collectible for which any number of editions can be purchased. These generally have an expiry date, when you will no longer be able to purchase the collectible. This contrasts with a limited edition collectible, one that is limited to a predefined number of editions.

Can I transfer my digital collectible to my MetaMask or CoinBase wallet?

Yes, you can transfer your collectible to any supported Polygon wallet. To transfer your collectible to your MetaMask or CoinBase wallet, please first look at the documentation on their respective sites to add Polygon Blockchain. Please also be aware that when you transfer your collectible to either wallet you might not see the collectible image correctly.