Overview; Further Beyond 1.1

Overview; Further Beyond 1.1, by Commander Michael López-Alegría
Overview; Further Beyond 1.1, by Commander Michael López-Alegría


"Going to space is an amazing adventure, but more than anything else it offers perspective in the most literal sense. You see the world differently and come home with a new frame of reference- a new way of looking at the world. We are all far more alike than we are different."

- Commander Michael López-Alegría


This visually stunning, historic photographic image of Earth's horizon, intersected by a solar array wing, was taken by Commander Michael López-Alegría (Ax-1), and captures the awe-inspiring perspective of an Astronaut while on board the International Space Station.  

Overview; Further Beyond 1.1 is the first-ever photo based NFT captured by an Astronaut and minted from Space.  This particular image was selected specifically for the innovative and artful use for which it was intended, and for Commander MLA's ability to capture his personal frame of reference, as related to the Overview Effect, at this moment and while in Space.

Aptly titled, Overview; Further Beyond 1.1, the image seeks to inspire a dialogue (ala the Overview Effect), based on his own personal experiences as an Astronaut, suggesting we are all connected to the Universe, and each other, as crewmates on planet Earth, and are more alike on the whole than our individual differences may suggest.

The Overview Effect has been reported by Astronauts, who have travelled to Space and looked back at Earth, as a cognitive shift in perspective that creates a connection with humanity as a whole, and where division and borders do not exist - unifying us all as one.

Carbon offsets will be done to reduce the footprint of the NFTs, with additional messaging to highlight the importance of STEM & STEAM Education for students, our future leaders, to develop the analytical and creative knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems to sustain, and make our world better, for ALL.

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